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Referral slips (100ct)

1 individual pack of 100 referral slips for fellow members to pass referrals

We place a high priority on the passing of referrals. The only valid definition of a referral is “Someone who is expecting your call”. Because cold calls will always be an imposition—no matter how valuable or needed the product or service—it has to be a call that is genuinely expected and wanted.

Why use referral slips?

The value of a referral slip is organization and efficiency. We've all had the experience of forgetting to do something important or writing down a phone number and forgetting why it was important or who it belonged to. Having referral slips handy when you realize someone is in need of services provided by one of your fellow members is a great way to help both parties get what they need. You stay organized and become a connector and a hero.

BizBuilders Referral Slips

The BizBuilders referral slips are professionally created to help you promote fellow members and keep track of the business that your group has generated. They are made so that you can fold them or hide them someplace handy and then quickly write out the contact information that will connect two people

Now Only $29.95